Prologue: “My drug of choice is travelling…”

2 09 2008

It was during my late teens that I first began to suffer… sleepless nights, frequent periods when I would zone out completely, trouble focusing on work, itchy feet. Six long months at the start of 2005 confirmed the initial prognosis… I had fallen victim to the infamous ´travel bug´. Sounds cliche I know, but for those of you who have experienced the joy of loading up your backpack with a few of your worldly goods and heading away from everyday life; and simply exploring and experiencing some of the other amazing things that this big planet has to offer will understand where Im coming from. Nothing compares – forget heroin, my drug of choice is traveling.


The year 2005 saw me head off with my friend Mr Wagstaff and head off around Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. <Check out to read more about what we got up too.> My first six months travelling was every bit as amazing and memorable as I had expected. However University beckoned – three amazing years later, and it was high time to dust off my backpack and escape once again… the destination this time South America.


When it came to booking my trip, there was always going to be one choice – STA. Having booked with them last time and finding no faults what so ever with the service that I received, they were always going to be my first point of call to get my plans this time in motion. I booked my last trip in their Brighton agency, from the word go they were every bit as helpful as I had heard. The great thing is that I didnt feel pressured to purchase anything I didnt want and trusted that they had my best interest and trip at heart. When it came to getting everything sorted for South America, I headed up to the London Store to do it. Two hours later and out I came with one return flight ticket in hand and insurance all sorted. Even better is the 10 percent discount at the Nomad store. The staff here are equally as informative and helpful in making sure that you have all the essentials for your trip. With my trip all sorted all that was left was to raise the cash to pay for it all…one long summer later and I was on my way to Buenos Aires!




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